As a long time Richmond resident and former Floridian, I was thrilled to direct this campaign for 22Squared's client, Publix. It was fairly well known that Publix was opening 12 stores in the area, but they wanted to separate themselves from all the other stores in the area.

In order to achieve this, 22Squared wanted to utilize the huge loyal fanbase that Publix has garnered over the many years. They put out Facebook posts calling for fans in the Richmond area and we combed through almost 2000 comments to find just the right stories and people. After finding the right Richmonders who had great stories I wanted to make sure we had the right locations and spent about a week taking photos and communicating back and forth with the client and the agency.

In the end the campaign consisted of two roughly 90 seconds spots and 4 support stories.
Client: Publix
Agency: 22 Squared
Production & Post: Mondial
Director: Pete Szijarto
Director of Photography: Jason Parks
Production Sound: Richard Walters


"Yolanda" :15

"Rachel" :15

"Linda" :15

"Cheryl" :15

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